Jamie was recommended to me by someone who had heard the speech before at his workplace and he was incredibly enthusiastic about the positive tone of the speech and the powerful effect that it left on the audience. I have to say that I can see exactly why he was so enthusiastic about the speech and the impact that it has!

The speech was fantastic, very uplifting and inspiring, and Jamie connected with our trainee teachers with absolute warmth and professionalism, giving the speech a really personal tone. It was great that he illustrated his four key points, with examples from his own life and the four principles could be applied to any aspect of life or to the workplace. I particularly liked the analogy of 'getting off the bus,' as well as his theory that there 'is not much traffic on the extra mile!'

We were so impressed with the quality of the presentation, and also by the way that Jamie interacted with our staff and trainees before and after the formal proceedings, that we would like to book him again to try and inspire some of our more challenging, but able, Year 10 boys in order that they gained an improved attitude to work as they go into their final year at school.

Jo Healey, Assistant Principal (Partnerships & CPD), Airedale Academy